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Class Lessons

School Days

Last Monday, I started my second round of classes at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  This week I am in a Leadership Communication class with Dr. Calvin Troup, who teaches at Duquesne University, my alma mater.  Dr. Troup is the head of the rhetoric department at Duquesne and we have been studying Augustine and a host of other authors in class, which runs from 8 AM to 4:30 through Saturday.  Next week I am in Dr. Dennis Prutow's Old Testament in the New class for another week.

There are eight classes to take for this D Min program and after next week, I will have four completed.  Well, I won't quite be finished with these latest classes, for we have assignments that are due no later than January 31, 2009!  Then we have two more classes next February and two next June.

As you can imagine, these classes have consumed a lot of time for reading, writing and class lectures.  I try to stay focused and take it all one day at a time, although I did have to get up this morning at 4:30 AM to take a call from England.  I do what you can when I can, and can't expect any more from myself than that.

I have submitted a rough proposal for my doctoral project, which will focus on a Theology of Creativity and Productivity for the Local Church.  In other words, I want to inspire churches to challenge their members to reach out to all of society in purpose and then provide a curriculum and program that a church can use to do just that.  I still have to refine the concept, but the school has approved the concept. 

So what are you doing with your days lately?  Are you happy with what you are doing?  What more can you do?  Remember, you have all the time in the world -- twenty-four hours every day.  What sets you apart from everyone else is what you do with those hours.  I hope you use them well.


C.B. Grace

Well, I've been learning a new software program lately so I can write a user manual and eventually develop a training program for the company.

I love writing and my husband and I are working on a leadership book but I haven't had much time lately to work on it...I think it has to be at the publishers by October so I get busy on it.


I have made a decision to go back and do my biology and chemistry O' and A' Level and progress to do Chiropractice. In as much as under normal circumstance the two levels take 4 years I am going to do them in under two years. So within 5 years I should be done. Also I have been reading a lot of business and inspirational books about 2-3 books a month. What challenged me was that you are always learning and always talking about what you have learnt. I am twice younger than you so I can do it. Thank you doctor J. I finally read I wrote this book on purpose and within 2 hours I was done. I now on my way to define my purpose.

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