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I hope by now you have listened to at least one of my radio shows at Voice America.  I feel more comfortable every week and all my guest's stories will be helpful for anyone searching for purpose.  This past week I hosted Mary Banks, whose business purpose statement includes the word purpose.  Mary shared some of her own PurposeQuest stories and then talked about how she leads others into an awareness of their purpose through coaching.  She and I approach purpose from the same point of view, so I felt like we have a true partnership as purpose mentors.  You can listen to Mary's interview here; it's entitled Purpose as a Business Concept.

Next week, I will host Gail McWilliams, whose story has touched thousands.  Gail lost her eyesight giving birth yet that did not stop her from having five children!  She is now a leading spokesperson for the Pro Life movement and is interviewed and speaks all over the country.  I first met Gail ten years ago in Dallas and we have just recently reconnected. Here is the info on her upcoming show:

Episode Nine: Purpose from Tragedy

Most people will never have to face the decision that Gail and Tony McWilliams had to face. Gail was advised to either abort her baby or lose her eyesight.  They decided to proceed with the birth and Gail did indeed go blind.  Yet that was not the end, but only the beginning of a work and ministry that is now called Generations Global.  Join John as he talks to Gail about the power of purpose that can emerge even from a personal tragedy on the next edition of Your PurposeQuest: The Power of a Focused Life.

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