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Radio Decision Due Soon

I finished up another radio show on Wednesday and it was a good one.  Maria Cedeno was my guest and she candidly shared her own PurposeQuest story that has led her back to law school at the age of 37. We talked about my role as a purpose coach in the process and I know the interview will help a lot of people.  If you get a moment, you will want to listen.

I got my radio show numbers for June and they were great!  I had more than 5,000 listeners and almost 800 downloads!  I am happy with that, but now I am facing a decision. Do I renew my contract after August 13?  I will need $1300 per month to continue the show.  What do you think?  Should I renew?  You can let me know by posting a comment on the site where this entry is posted. 

Perhaps you, your organization, or your company could sponsor a show for $400?  I would be glad to design a show around your cause or work if you sponsor it.  Then you could download the show and use it for your own purposes.  This may also fit into your missions budget, since the show goes around the world.  Perhaps your organization would like to add your ad banner to my announcement page on the station, the same page that everyone who downloads any show sees. If I have the money raised by August 13, I will continue. If not, then I will have to shut it down.  It's your call.  What do you think?  Write and let me know.

I will have Bruce Binkley on again next week.  Here is a summary of the next show:

Episode Eleven: The World is Waiting for You

When you find your purpose, it opens the door for you to go to whoever needs who you are and what you do, wherever they may be.  Join repeat guest Bruce Binkley (whose previous show was How to Use a Business to Fund Your Vision) as he reports on his recent visits to Viet Nam and Zimbabwe to bring relief to widows and orphans.  Learn from Bruce how you can step out of your own world to engage some of the needs in the world at large.

Missed the live show?  This episode is rebroadcast at 9 AM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific. Past episodes are available on-demand and podcast ready.

Listen LIVE to VoiceAmerica!

Questions? Comments? Call in during the show itself at 1.866.472.5787/5788


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