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First Show on the Road

I did my first radio show this week from the road, calling the station from Orlando while I interviewed Gail McWilliams in Dallas.  It went well, or at least I thought so, and I enjoyed what Gail had to say.  Gail lost some of her eyesight giving birth to each of her five children and today is legally blind.  Yet she is in great demand as a speaker and an author, and when you listen to the show you will understand why.  The title of her show is Purpose from Tragedy and can be found in the station's archives.

I listened to my show when it was rebroadcast last night since I am working to eliminate saying "Uh" and "Um."  I did much better than the week before, but the producer sent me an instant message in the midst of my opening monologue and it distracted me for a second or two.  I am still working on how to stay focused while being aware of what's going on around and in front of me.

Next week I am interviewing a young lady whom I have had to privilege of coaching for the last several years.  Maria Cedeno is about to go back to law school and I want to talk to her next week about that decision and how she made it.  Here is the summary:

Episode Ten: The Power of a Purpose Coach

Are you having trouble seeing the greatness in you?  Are you struggling in your current job, unfulfilled and unhappy?  If you are or know someone who is, join John and his special guest, Maria Cedeno, as they discuss Maria‚Äôs decision to go back to law school and what role John played in that decision on the next Your PurposeQuest broadcast.  

Missed the live show?  This episode is rebroadcast at 9 AM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific. Past episodes are available on-demand and podcast ready.

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