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Another Show Done, One Coming Up

I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Jim Coy on my last episode of Your PurposeQuest.  Dr. Jim is a retired military doctor who is doing great work as an author, teacher and doctor today.  You will learn a lot when you listen to the show, which I urge you to access in the network's archives.  For your convenience and consideration, here is a list of past shows for you to consider:

Show One: Diana Scimone - Write a Book, Save a Child

Show Two:  Sheila Hunt - Making a Major Midlife Job Change

Show Three:  Bill Hobbs - Stop Doing What You Love, So You Can Do What You Love!

Show Four: Bruce Binkley - How to Use a Business to Fund Your Vision

Show Five: Yvonne Brooks from the UK - One Woman Helping Others Find Purpose

Show Six: Kentice Tikolo from Kenya - Purpose in the Third World

Show Seven: Dr. Jim Coy - Purpose in the Military

Pick out a show that is meaningful for you, go to the archives to download and listen at your convenience.  My next show will feature my friend and fellow author, Mary Bank.  Here is a summary of what we will cover in that show:

Episode Eight: Purpose as a Business Concept

Is purpose just something personal or can purpose be used in business as a strategy to help your clients and partners?  Join John Stanko and his special guest, Mary Banks, as they discuss this and other purpose-related questions on the next Your PurposeQuest show.  Mary is the founder of Women of Women Consulting Group, whose mission is “to encourage the hearts of our clients and empower them to live the vision God has for their lives, by seeking His divine plan and purpose for them both professionally and personally. We do this through life coaching, leadership development, innovative workshops, and human resource consulting.”

Missed the live show?  This episode is rebroadcast at 9 AM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific. Past episodes are available on-demand and podcast ready.

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