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This radio gig is fun!  Yesterday I talked on the air with Bruce Binkley, who shared his secrets with the listeners about starting a business that funds his ministry.  Bruce leaves for Viet Nam this Saturday, so he had lots of good things to say that fit right in with his upcoming trip.  It went so well that I am having Bruce back on the show in July.  It is always surprising how quickly the time goes during an interview.  You have to stay focused, interrrupt where necessary and make sure the guest says what is most important to them.  Some preparation beforehand is crucial.

If you want to hear the show with Bruce, go the network archives.

Next week I will interview my friend Yvonne Brooks from the UK.  Yvonne and her husband, Bishop Melvin, are good friends whom i have visited for the last seven years.  Yvonne will be in the States next week and I want to talk to her about her organization, Women of Purpose, and the special issues surrounding women and purpose. 

Here is a summary of next week's show:

Episode Five: One Woman Helping Others Find Purpose

Do women face any special challenges where purpose is concerned?  What can one woman do to make a difference?  To find out, join John Stanko and his special guest, Yvonne Brooks, from Birmingham, England.  Yvonne is the founder of Women of Purpose in the UK where she writes, speaks and inspires women there and everywhere to find and fulfill their purpose.

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