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Another Show Finished

I finished another radio show this morning, this time interviewing my good friend, Kentice Tikolo, from Kenya.  Kentice has always helped coordinate my PurposeQuest events in Kenya and now works for the Kenya Wildlife Service.  She was and is a natural on radio as we talked about purpose and its role in the lives of Kenyans. 

Next week, I will have Dr. Jim Coy on my show.  Dr. Coy and I share the same publisher, and has a story of courage and purpose that you won't want to miss.  You can listen to the show at 9 AM Eastern US Time on the Voice America network or download any of the past shows from the station archives.

By the way, if you would like to receive an SMS text message a few minutes before the show as a reminder to listen, just send me your cell phone number via email and I will make sure you are included on the list, no matter where you live.

I got home last night from Seattle, where I attended another event with The Pacific Insitute.  My friend Kentice was over from Kenya for the same event.  We are discussing how to introduce TPI to Kenya and we have a lot of great ideas and should be there later this year with a launch.  Kenya will never be the same once we do that.

I realize that I haven't been writing regularly, but much of my time is going toward preparing for my August classes.  I've mentioned that I have a lot of reading and papers to get done and I am on schedule, but using two to three hours every day for that takes up a big chunk of my day.  I will try to do better.



Hi John,

Greetings from Nairobi and thanks for your interesting talk show. I happen to know Kentice and it was great hearing her talk about purpose and how it applies to us as Kenyans. I'm really looking forward to the launch of TPI in Kenya.

Thanks again and best wishes,


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