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Second Show in The Can

I enjoyed my second radio show this past week as much or more than the first, and I thought I did a better job.  I am accustomed to talking before live audiences, so a radio show takes some getting used to.  Plus, I had a different producer this week than last, and he followed a different break schedule, which threw me into a brief moment of confusion. 

This show featured my friend Sheila Hunt, who talked about how we met and the impact the purpose message had on her life.  We talked about her transition from education to corporate America, and Sheila was a natural on the air.  You can listen to find out what impact a purpose coach can have on your PurposeQuest.

You can access the show in the network's archives

Here is a summary of next week's show:
Wednesday, June 04, 2008 at 6am Pacific
Stop Doing What You Love. . . So You Can Do What You Love

Do you enjoy what you are doing, but don't feel like you are making the impact you would like to make? Do you see the problems in the world and wish you could make more of a difference? If so, then join John Stanko and his special guest, Bill Hobbs, founder and president of Urban Youth Impact in West Palm Beach, Florida as they discuss Bill's "longest drive" - his journey from professional golf to inner city youth work.
Missed the live show?  This episode is rebroadcast at 6 PM Pacific. Past episodes are available on-demand and podcast ready.

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