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Violence in Zimbabwe

Indiana Jones

We are enjoying a national holiday here in the States called Memorial Day (it was formerly called Decoration Day, when we decorated the graves of our war dead).  This is the first time in nine years I have been home for Memorial Day.  I am usually in Zimbabwe at the Action Conference, but it didn't work out for me to be there this year.  Last night, I saw on our new porch on our new patio furniture, reading for my upcoming classes, journaling, and staring at the blue sky.  It is definitely good to be home.

Last Friday, my wife and I went to a late showing of the new movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  It has been 20 years since the last Indiana Jones movie and Harrison Ford looks good for being 65.  The movie didn't get good reviews, but I would give it a "B."  The escape scenes were preposterous, the ending ridiculous, and the pace slow at times.  Yet it was entertaining, brought back great memories of the previous three Indie Jones' movies, and featured the possible heir apparent to Jones when he decides to hang up his whip.

All in all, I have seen a lot worse movies, so go see it and take it for what it is: a movie that continues a long history of Lucas/Spielberg films that have become legends in their time.  This one will be no exception.


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