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I am delighted to see that an agreement has been reached in the Kenya crisis and both sides have agreed to share power in the new government. While I am skeptical of whether or not his arrangement can work, I am glad that there is progress. Meanwhile I heard from a friend this morning that their country is changed forever as everyone now tends to view others in terms of their tribal heritage more than ever before.

So this means that the church must and should step forward in Kenya and lead the way. Who will stand up and preach reconciliation? Who will deliberately build a church with rival factions to model the reconciliation available only in Christ? I hope to be a part of the rebuilding process, for I know that the training I have from The Pacific Institute, coupled with my ability to put that training in a biblical context, can teach and train people how to renew their thinking and build a better Kenya.

If you would like to read the latest news from Kenya and the terms of the latest agreement, you can click here.

Meanwhile, I hear that things are tense in Zimbabwe as inflation soars to 100,000% as elections approach on March 29. Please pray for Zimbabwe and for our suffering brothers and sisters there. You can read about the latest goings on there by clicking here.

I am still in the UK, having a great time with friends and making new acquaintances. I spoke at an Assembly of God Church last night, in a building that is 125 years old. I did some quick calculations and figured that 125 years represents 6.250 Sundays. If the churches housed there had multiple services or a midweek service, that could have represented another 6,000 to 10,000 services held there. Taking into account special meetings and conferences, I could easily have delivered message number 20,000 in that building last night. While that's a small compared to the total, I would imagine that last night's meeting was the most important ever held there, not because I was there, but because it represented the latest now-word for the people present. Most of the previous 20,000 messages would have had little relevance for them and none for me, only the now-message that they received and I delivered last night.

Today I speak for the third time at Charis Bible College in Walsall, home of and founded by Andrew Wommack Ministries. I am impressed with the school, its program and facilities. I had never met Andrew Wommack and wasn't familiar with his ministry, but he is a prolific writer and minister whom I would like to know better.

I know this may sound silly, but I have been impressed and reminded since I came here that God sent me here because I have something to say. There is no one in the world teaching purpose like I teach it. I didn't say it was the best way, but it is unique. I was also reminded since arriving that I had talked about being a "priest" since I was very young. God had His hand on me then and He does now. I am trying to walk in a better realization and appreciation of that calling and I am more determined than ever before to "broadcast," or cast the message that God has given me, to as broad an audience as possible.

Many students came up to me already, saying that my message was liberating, that it freed them to be who they are. That alone makes the trip worthwhile. Yet I am not satisfied. Many more need to be "set free" and I want to do that by whatever means possible. I finish up at the School today and it's off to London tomorrow for three services and some interviews on Revelation TV on Monday. Then it's home, or at least to the DC-area of the States, on Tuesday.

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