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Lou Tice

Lou Tice is the founder and president of The Pacific Institute.  He sends out a daily email called The Winner's Circle (TWC) to reinforce the principles that he teaches through his organization.  You can sign up for TWC on TPI's website or you can search through the archives as well.   Below is what Lou wrote in yesterday's TWC:

Do you believe you can exert control over your future, or do you feel that you are at the mercy of fate?  Today we are going to talk about how beliefs affect what happens to us.

The amount of control you believe you have over your life has a great deal to do with what you are willing to try, and therefore it also has a great deal to do with what you accomplish.

Jungian analyst John Sanford tells about a depressed musician for whom neither therapy nor prayer was helping. One day, the man's car had a flat on the highway, miles from a phone.  At first, he stood staring at the car, paralyzed, realizing it had been years since he had changed a tire. Although he wasn't sure how to use the jack and other tools, he began to work on the task.  After an hour of sweat and struggle, he finally got the spare tire on. Back in the car, he realized that he was no longer depressed!

This small success showed him the way to approach his larger problems. He clearly had more control over his destiny than he had thought. He could do more than he thought, if only he would try, if only he would believe in himself enough to plunge in and start. He did not need to be perfect and he did not need to have all the answers before he started. He could take control, and when he did, it felt good.

So if you are feeling helpless and victimized, take heart and take action - any action you can manage that will get you moving in the direction you want to go.

Don't forget that TPI is coming to the Dallas/Fort Worth area from March 7-8.  For information on an experience that will change your life, you can go to the site of the local sponsors.

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Ruth Craig

How can I get the CD of Lou Tice speaking at the Master Mind Conference. I only want his, not the other speakers.

andrew roxby

i am 30 yrars old i am a cleaner at a mental health hospital i am trying to work my way up the ladder and could do with some help and advice please

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