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Lou Tice


Are you confused and even overwhelmed by the blogosphere? Do you have trouble keeping track of your favorite blogs and new ones coming online every day? Then this article will help you, for it certainly helped me. And by the way, why don't you have your own blog? You may ask, "Who will read it?" The answer: "No one, unless you write it." You can do a search on how to start a blog. Here is one article that walks you through the process. I have found blogging an excellent way to discipline yourself and give you confidence to move on to bigger creative writing projects.

I have a friend Ryan who started a blog last November after I visited his church. I would recommend that you visit his blog to see how he set his up and then to see how he is developing as a writer. Keep up the good work, Ryan. When you start your blog, dear reader, feel free to write a comment to this entry and provide your address so others can read.


P Rizzle


Thanks for the great 'blurb'. We are in Phoenix, AZ on the last day of Barnett's Pastor School. It has been a great time of dreaming and vision. Tommy is 70 years old and in the best form of his life. Great Visionary and Leader!! I will post on it later this week. Thanks for your coaching in my life; you'll never know how much it means! Keep up the great work.



here's my blog!!!

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