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M&Ms and the New York Knicks

New York!

There is no city like New York. My wife and I arrived last night to celebrate Thanksgiving week. We are staying at a hotel a few blocks from Times Square and it's exhilarating just to be here. I have tickets for the New York Knicks NBA game tonight and had tickets for a broadway show tomorrow, but the show was cancelled due to a stage hands' strike. So we'll probably go to a movie. Both of our children live here in New York now, so we will all be together for at least part of the week.

i have been coming to New York for more than 40 years, since I attended a prep high school in Connecticut. I am familiar with downtown Manhattan and, if you're not intimidated by New York, its treasures and surprises are always special.

It's 10 PM, but I'm going to take a walk around the hotel. I'll let you know what I find.


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