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M&Ms and the New York Knicks

I promised I would let you know what we found when we went for our walk the other night. We went over to Times Square and walked through the M&M candy store. That's right, M&M has a three-story shop on Seventh Avenue that has everything M&M -- underwear, jackets, cuff links, cups, shirts, pillows and M&M candies in every color under the sun (well, almost every color). The store is open until midnight -- only in New York and in Times Square.

Yesterday, I took a train out to see my friend and webmaster, Justin Agoglia, founder of Skylar Design. We are conceptualizing a new site for PurposeQuest and we had a great meeting. Due to the mild autumn weather we had in October, the autumn leaves have just now peaked. I must say that the train ride out to Long Island was breathtaking; the leaves were at peak autumn colors!

Last night, I went to Madison Square Garden, the "world's most famous arena" (that's what they say about it at the Garden), and I saw the NBA Golden State Warriors crush the hometown Knicks. It was a bad display of basketball and the crowd chanted in unison, "Fire Isiah!" at the end of the game, referring to Knicks' coach Isiah Thomas. It got ugly, so my daughter and I left early. Then I walked the 14 blocks through Manhattan back to my hotel.

So there you have my day in the Big Apple. I'll let you in on any other adventures that take place before I leave for Africa this coming Friday.


Pastor Ryan


Sounds like your having fun in the Big Apple. Can't wait to check out your new website. Enjoy the time w/ your kids! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for all you do.

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