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Happy Thanksgiving

That is what we had as a family, a happy Thanksgiving Day. We hung out together, went to see a movie, visited friends and ate like there was no tomorrow. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

On Wednesday night, I visited the restaurant our son manages after we visited the hospital where he received two stitches in his leg from a work accident. The weather was so mild that I decided to walk the three miles or so back to my hotel. While walking, I passed a place that I hadn't been to in 40 years, McSorley's Pub. When I was 18, the legal drinking age in New York was 18, so my friends and I used to go to McSorley's all the time. Back then, no women were allowed in the pub and they only served beer, along with a cheese platter. I poked my head in the other night and everything was the same -- except that women are now admitted.

When you receive this, I will be in the air, heading to Nairobi with three friends from The Cathedral of Life Christian Assembly in Providence, Rhode Island. We will go on a safari for the first two days and then minister in the Nairobi area. After that, it's on to Zimbabwe.


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