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A Few Pictures

I thought I would share with you a few pictures from my recent travels that are special to me.  The first is the marquis from the church in Grand Junction where I worked and ministered last week.  I profiled 40 people in six days, spoke on purpose in the Sunday service and met with the church staff.  I guess I really was the purpose doctor while I was there!


Then there's the picture from the recent Celebration Church choir tour.  Celebration Church Harare meets in a facility that they named Celebration Centre.  While I was driving in central Kansas, I ran across another facility by the same name!  They even spelled "centre" in the British manner, ending the word in -re. It's a small world indeed.


Finally, we had the privilege of celebrating my mother's 91st birthday before I left for the choir tour.  My mother is an amazing woman.  She lives alone and has since my father passed away 11 years ago.  She cooks for herself and has her family or friends over every now and then for a meal or dessert.  My mother is the one who taught me that organization is a key to success in life and I love her dearly.  She is one of my biggest fans.



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