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Running the Road

When I was a college student, I worked for my cousin's moving company. We would load and unload furniture, and "run the road," a phrase that meant we were on the road quite a bit. These last few days have reminded me of those former days. i flew to Kansas City on Monday to visit the venues where the Celebration Choir will visit. Then I drove five hours cross state to Great Bend, Kansas and covered some details for that event. Yesterday I drove five hours south to Tulsa, Oklahoma for two meetings and last night drove over to Oklahoma City. Today I will meet with a church here and then it's off to Dallas, where I will switch vehicles, turning in my car in return for a truck full of supplies and product for sale, and drive back to Kansas City.

It will be more of the same over the next three weeks as we travel from site to site with the choir. Not only did I do this for my cousin's company, but I also used to run the road for Integrity Music when I organized worship conferences.

This line of work is demanding and exacting. Your dates are set and the show must go on whether you are ready or not. Every detail must be covered and contingency plans must be in place for the things that could go wrong. I have conducted more than my share of poor events, so the thoughts of those linger as you prepare for the next ones. I don't think I want to do this kind of work regularly when I grow up.

So I have to go, for the truck is waiting in Dallas. Maybe I'll see you at one of our events, or maybe I'll pass you as I run the road.


Dennis Boddy

'...when I grow up...'-I like that concept Dr John.

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