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I helped get the team on the plane yesterday here in Dallas and they are heading home after a long but successful tour. We finished with performances at Christ for the Nations in Dallas and then Living Word Worship Center in Minden, Louisiana. I turned the truck in yesterday and found that we had driven 5,000 miles since October 4. We also slept in 13 different beds and conducted 13 performances.

It's too early for me to draw some conclusions from the tour, but here are some immediate thoughts.

1. The team from Zimbabwe was great -- young, energetic, cooperative and appreciative.

2. The tour was a logistical success -- we had no accidents or breakdowns, and were seldom late or behind schedule.

3. Revenue was so-so -- we had higher than expected offerings and lower than expected sales.

4. Our program needs some work -- I think we did great for a first tour, but our message and presentation need a lot of work before the next tour, if there is a next one (which I think there will be).

5. God helped us -- We had a lot of protection and divine assistance on the tour.

6. I have to think and pray about my involvement in the future -- Tours are a lot of hard work and we worked for four weeks without a day off.

I finished the tour by going to a Dallas Stars hockey game last night against the San Jose Sharks (the Stars lost). I am now in the Dallas airport heading to Pittsburgh, but I will be home only two days before I head out to Grand Junction, CO to be with my friends, Pastor Ted and Tammy Miller. Then I come home for two weeks after I finish my work in Colorado.

My thanks to the Celebration Church team, led by Pastors Tom and Bonnie Deuschle, for the opportunity to serve and participate. And now, as we say in the business, it's on to the next event.



Well done Dr John. Here at the Celebration centre we are so proud of you and truly appreciate what you have done. You are God sent and a big part of the family! Thank you Dr J


Thanks for the regular updates Dr John. I love your style of writing. U da MAN . . . !!!

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