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This past weekend our family convened to celebrate our son's 30th birthday.  Since both our children live in New York City, we decided to head out to the Hamptons on eastern Long Island for the weekend. The Hamptons are an upscale area about 100 miles east of the City and are called that because of the towns in the area that end in -hampton:  Bridgehampton, Westhampton, Southhampton, etc.  We stayed overnight in Southhampton.

I can honestly say it was one of the finest weekends we have spent together and we fell in love with the area. The food was great, the beach was super, and the people were friendly (We thought there would be a bit of snobbery, given the wealth of the area, but found there were poor people there just like us!).  We drove to the farthest point east on the southern tip of Long Island to see the famous Montauk Lighthouse and then had dinner in that area. The seafood was fabulous.

One of the more interesting things we did was attend the Mercedes Benz Polo Championship on Saturday afternoon.  While about 50 people sat across the field in the general admission stands, we were in the Mercedes Benz tent with about 1,000 people who had invitations from the sponsor (our daughter got the tickets).  The tent had free food and drink and provided us shade from the hot sun.  It also gave us a chance to see some of the beautiful people who attend polo matches.

These people were in all shapes and sizes, and many had put a lot of thought into what they would wear to the match.  For some of the women, it wasn't what they were wearing but what they weren't wearing that drew all the attention, if you know what I mean!  I found out that polo is divided into six seven-minute chuckers, with a 15-minute intermission.  During the break, people walk out onto the field and repair the divets that the horses produced during the first three chuckers.  To do that, you must avoid all the other deposits that the horses make during their time on the field. 

At any rate, we had a memorable weekend.  Now I am back in school for the week.  My real excitement this week is that my Apple computer and my Treo phone are both malfunctioning, so I am technologically hamstrung at this point in my life.  It isn't a pleasant experience.


Rob Moritz

So at the Mercedes Benz championship, were they hitting the ball with polo sticks while driving around in little Mercedes cars? :)

We have a game like that called WhirleyBall, but they use a large whiffleball and scoops, while riding around on Bumper Cars. This place (Powerplay) is located less than a mile from my home -


Oh Rob. Don't be silly. Of course they weren't driving. Their chauffeurs were.

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