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Last Class

This is a report from my last class for the week. Next week I have a class on preaching, and I can't wait to use the material I have learned this week!

As I mentioned, yesterday we "took apart" the Olivet discourse found in Matthew 23-24 and Luke 21, showing clearly in the original language that Jesus was referring to the destruction of Jerusalem and not the final judgment that we are awaiting as His followers. We traced the usage of Jesus' words to the Old Testament, seeing what any Jew who knew his old covenant would have understood when Jesus said what He said. We also saw that the "end of the age" was referring to the end of the old covenant age and not the end of time.

This makes so much sense and changes how I have read and interpreted so many passages that refer to the "last days." It also explains why so many believe that Paul and others "missed it" by predicting the return of the Lord in their lifetime, something which obviously did not happen. They were not looking for the Second Coming at that point. They were looking to the end of the old covenant era with the Temple, animal sacrifices and the Levitical priesthood.

I woke up at 3 AM this morning thinking about all this and it has had a deep impact on me. I am looking forward to the last class today, not because I haven't enjoyed it, but because 8 AM to 5 PM is a long time to sit in a classroom setting.

This weekend Kathryn and I are off to New York to celebrate our eldest son's 30th birthday. It hardly seems possible that it has been three decades ago that he was born, but it is. I'll have more class reports for you next week.


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