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Kansas City

Class Update

It's nice to have my technology world back together. As I wrote the other day, both my Apple computer and my handheld Treo went down this week. I felt like a man on crutches who had his crutches taken away from him! It seems that everything is fixed and back to normal, and just in time. I depart tomorrow for Kansas City and then I am off to Kenya next Wednesday and Zimbabwe after that.

I finished up my Christ in the Gospels class last week. This week I have sat under Dr. Dennis Prutow for The Renewal of Preaching class. Both weeks have been outstanding, although the days do get a bit long. We start at 8 AM and go until 5 PM. That's a long time to listen to a lecture. At the same time, what a privilege to sit and study the Scriptures! I have learned so much. Today I have a "trial" sermon as part of the class requirements. I have been assigned Hebrews 11:21, so I will be talking about Jacob, applying the new concepts I have learned this week. I am looking forward to it.

These two weeks have represented a major investment of time and money, but it's all been well spent. I have quite a bit of work to do between now and my next class week in February. This week I was wondering whether this school effort was worth it and the Lord reminded me of Tiger Woods, who totally "remade" his swing a few years. He was already a great golfer but he wanted to be even better. So he relearned some things and developed some new things and today he is just that: better than ever. That is a model that I would not mind emulating.

I have enjoyed my two weeks at home and hate to see them come to an end. It's time to move on, however, so I will be packing tonight and hitting the road tomorrow. I will keep you posted of my adventures from the road.


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