Be Careful How You Hear
Mac and Windows...on the same machine

O Canada!

I am here in Canada today (Toronto to be exact) with my friend Bill Kinnon for a technology update.  It's been six years since Bill last helped me and it is safe to say that I am a bit outdated. After today, however, I will be technologically chic and hip.

I have bought a new Macbook Pro computer, Treo 680 PDA phone, and Bluetooth keyboard and earpiece for use with both the phone and computer. They will all interface well with one another and with my iPod video.

I have recommended Bill's blog on several occasions already, and he is a much more effective blogger than I. By the way, he also helped me set up my blog 18 months ago. So thanks, Bill, for all your help. You are keeping me connected with my world and I will always be grateful for your assistance.

Is it time you had a similar update/upgrade?


Ryan Rhoades

Oh no....not you too. :(

Another fallen comrade to the Apple onslaught.

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