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Happy Easter!

I've been running around the countryside this week.  I started out the week in Mobile, Alabama, where I spent a few days with my friend, Keith Currie.  Keith has been the principal of Covenant School for 22 years and we have invited him to come help with the school in Zimbabwe.  I went down to talk about the invitation.  While I was there, I saw many of my friends and associates that we had during our 14 years there.  It was like old home week.

Then I went on to Williamsburg, Virginia to see Father Michael Pacella, who is going through a major life transition.  I was there to help him set up his own nonprofit corporation so that he can pursue his purpose more effectively.  I just "happened" to get an email while I was there from a woman who heard me speak six years ago, wondering if I did one-on-one sessions.  She lived about 20 miles away from Williamsburg, so I met her in the Newport News airport on my way to Nashville.

I was delayed in Charlotte on my way to Nashville, so I didn't arrive until well after midnight.  That happens every now and then when you travel, especially during a holiday travel week.

In Nashville, I met with Echo Music, who is designing a custom website for the music team in Zimbabwe headed by Bonnie Deuschle.  I had a few more meetings in Nashville before I returned home to Pittsburgh.  We are staying home for Easter and our daughter, Deborah, will join us for the holiday. 

I counted my nights at home before I depart for the UK on April 21, and I have nine between now and then.  I will be in Toronto next week and Providence, Rhode Island the week after that. 

I wish you a very joyous and blessed Resurrection Sunday.  Remember, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you!  I hope that His presence is making a difference in your life and purpose. 


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