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Why Are You Afraid?

There was a movement of sorts a few years ago that asked, "What Would Jesus Do?"  It spawned a line of tshirts and jewelry with the WWJD acronym.  Then I saw a book by a nutritional medical doctor with the title "What Would Jesus Eat?"  I had the idea to launch a movement posing the question, "What Would Jesus Ask?"  Since Jesus posed so many questions that are recorded in the gospels, I think the movement could be significant but much more challenging than the two movements mentioned above.

When you examine His ministry, Jesus did ask a lot of questions?  They were an important part of His teaching style.  But His questions weren't just provocative or creative, they pointed people to a some spiritual condition that needed to be addressed.

For instance, one question I have been pondering lately is:

"'You of little faith, why are you so afraid?'  Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm" (Matthew 8:26).

Why am I so afraid?  God is in control, yet I fret and worry and they lead me to fear.  Fear then cripples my decision-making ability and I don't do things I should do, that God wants me to do, because I am afraid. 

Why are you so afraid?  I have noticed that the questions Jesus asked were provocative and could not always be answered immediately.  So why not ponder this question and, if it will help, write me with your conclusions?  Writing it may help you and it could give others more to think about as they try to answer the question for themselves.

We will continue to examine other questions that Jesus asked in days to come.  This is still in line with becoming a better listener.  I have found that people who are poor listeners to others are also poor listeners where God is concerned.  Your ability to hold a question and seek the answer will make you a more effective servant-leader as you work with people.  I'll explain why more fully in the days to come.


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