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I just finished Marshall Goldsmith's book entitled What Got You Here Won't Get You There.  I used to read Marshall's material when I was more involved with Peter Drucker's world, for Marshall was on the Drucker board and contributed regularly to Leader to Leader magazine.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but I enjoyed it and found it helpful.  Marshall is a big proponent of the 360-degree assessment, which gives an executive anonymous feedback from people from every area of his life including family.  In this book, he basically talked about the need for leaders to be coached out of their bad habits and into new, more productive behavior.

I always find it interesting when non-Christian material focuses on Christian values like love, humility and discipline.  Goldsmith tells leaders in this book that, when they receive feedback on how to improve or concerning some weakness, they should "shut up and say thank you."  Meanwhile, most Christian leadership material would tell those trying to give such feedback to "shut up and touch not God's anointed."  That's why I read a lot more secular leadership books than so-called Christian. 

If you are looking for a book that gives practical advice on how to change your work or ministry behavior for the better, I would recommend this book.  Marshall certainly has the credentials as an executive coach and delivers some practical wisdom that will make you more effective. 

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Rob Moritz

Hi John! Nice to be home from the latest Steps of Paul tour to Greece and Turkey. This one concluded in Istanbul - including the Grand Bazaar, (motto: "5000 small shops with nothing anyone would want to buy"). On the way home, the leg of our Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Chicago was overbooked, so they gave each of 3 of us 600 Euros apiece (about $800 USD) to take a later flight. So we got paid to explore Frankfurt, which was nice!

So John, what "so called Christian" leadership material are you reading that "most" would give the advice to "shut up and touch not God's Anointed"? Mormom stuff? JW stuff? Knights of Columbus?

I'd encourage you to just throw out all those "so called Christian" leadership materials you are reading, because they don't sound like anything you'd run across in REAL Christian leadership materials.

That thought regarding your critique aside, you've definitely made me want to read Goldsmith's book, so good job in accomplishing that purpose!

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