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Dallas Mavericks

I had a chance to attend the Dallas Mavericks versus the Portland Trailblazers NBA game last night here in Dallas.  The Mavericks are "loaded" again this year after reaching and losing the NBA finals last year to Miami.  The Trailblazers are one of the worst teams in the league this year, so it wasn't much of a game.  The Mavs won by 25 points.  It was interesting to see Avery Johnson, the Mavs' coach, keep the game under control.  Otherwise the Mavs could have won by 50 points!

The Mavs play at the American Airlines arena, which is a great place to watch a game. They share the arena with the Dallas Stars hockey team.  Parking is easy there and the food is better than average.

Of course, the Mavs are owned by Mark Cuban who is usually at all their games.  I didn't see him there last night.  Cuban is a bizillionaire, whose blog makes for enjoyable reading (although his posts can be a bit long). He certainly has done a fabulous job as owner of the Mavericks.

So it's time to head home after a week of work here in the Big D.   


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