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White Christmas

The title of this entry doesn't refer to the weather report for Christmas day, but rather the 1954 movie starring Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby.  Why do I even mention this?  Because every year my wife and her sister watch this holiday cinema while I look for something else to do.  This year, I decided to assist them by purchasing the DVD version and giving it to them as an early Christmas present. 

They immediately opened the package and watched the movie, while I slept for two hours on the couch as they watched it like they were doing so for the very first time.  Today we are carrying out another Christmas tradition when we visit the section of Pittsburgh called the Strip District. 

Now the Strip District sounds like a nasty part of town, but it isn't.  The Strip got its name since it's a strip of land just outside downtown Pittsburgh where all the markets bought their wholesale produce decades ago.  They still do, but the area has now gone public and commercial with restaurants and specialty shops.  We will go to the fabulous Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. to buy cheese and Italian food products.  Then we will go either to Wholey's Fish Market or Benkovitz Seafoods to buy our fish for Christmas Eve dinner.  From there, we will wander through the stores, which will undoubtedly be crowded today with last-minute Christmas shoppers.

We are having mild temperatures this year, so it doesn't look like we won't have a white Christmas this year.  That's fine with me.  I don't get along with snow or cold temperatures, which is why I enjoyed living down South for 18 years.  I hope to get back there some day.

At any rate, if you read this before Christmas, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  I hope that you have some Christmas traditions that are pursuing this year with family and friends.  If not, then why not create some that will become an important part of your holiday celebrations.   

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Rachel McCauley Flachman

Kathy and Dianna have such class! I watch White Christmas every year while wrapping presents. I've purchased copies for my nieces and parents and I consider it a sacred event. My husband joined me once during the early honeymoon period. I doubt it will ever happen again though. :)

What a WONDERFUL movie. You are blessed to be connected to such classy women.

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