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My family went to Saturday night service and, lo and behold, our pastor spoke about the magi and the star they saw.  That certainly has been the major theme of this Christmas season for me and, as he spoke, I jotted down some more thoughts to add to what I already wrote a few days ago in a post entitled The Magi. Here are those additional insights to the story found in Matthew 2:1-18.

1.  The magi were Arab scholars and wise men.  Let us take heart that in this story some Arabs were more in tune with Jesus than the Jews were.  May God work in the lives of both Jew and Arab today so that the Son of God may be worshiped and revered in their midst.

2.  Think of the difficulty of their trip of 1,000 miles.  They were carrying precious cargo for the gifts, so they faced security issues, discomfort, fatigue and probably traveled at night to avoid the desert heat.

3.  Those who lived closest seemed to care little about what the magi (and shepherds) told them concerning the birth of the King.  Those who came the farthest and those who lost sleep pursuing the baby Jesus had the greatest reward.

4.  The magi were led to Jesus by the following means:  Daniel and the local Jews in Babylon, their own study of the Old Testament, nature by means of the star, Herod and the unbelieving Jewish officials, and dreams.  If you are open to God, He will use any and all means possible to guide your path.

5. The magi came more for Mary's sake than for Jesus, who was too young to comprehend the event.  Scripture tells us, however, that Mary treasured these things in her heart and probably drew on them decades later when Jesus began His ministry.  What are you treasuring in your heart so you won't forget?

6.  Your level of joy is commensurate to the distance you must travel to find that joy, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

7.  The magi had to make the same trip home after they found Jesus as before.  There are no shortcuts in following God.

8.  The magi disappeared after the story and we know nothing of their work after they returned home.  Did they spread the good news?  Were other lives impacted?  How were their lives changed from that point?  What difference did the star and worship of Jesus make?  What differnce has the baby Jesus made in your life, not only during Christmas, but from that point forward?

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