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I finished up my first session as a facilitator for The Pacific Institute's seminar, Investment in Excellence, last Saturday evening.  I feel like I got my life back!  Since last Tuesday, I was consumed with sessions and preparations from 7 AM to 10 PM.  It was all worth it, however, for I grew a lot and the people present learned a lot from the event.

We had 41 people in attendance from all walks of life.  (I tried to post our group picture but the service would not let me do it. Everyone looked pretty happy when you take into account that we just finished a four-day seminar!)  The feedback was very positive, and more than half signed up to become facilitators for the program when we hold the training in February. 

The Pacific Institute material is probably the best I've found that can help you take the limits off your potential.  It is spiritual material but not church-related.  It is common sense, but presented in such a way that enables you to determine root causes that are holding you back in every area of life.  Self-discovery is an important part of the process that frees you to grow and develop.

The people of The Pacific Institute are wonderful to work with and embody the principles that they teach.  It is an honor to be associated with them, and I look forward to my next session as well as continuing to apply the material to my own life. 

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