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I will be in Europe on my way to Africa when you receive this post, but I could have easily stayed in New York City a few more days.  There is so much to do, and we were staying in the heart of the City.  It was so easy to go here and there, and there are so many here's and there's to go to!  I have work to do, however, so it was time to put the holiday aside and move on--but not without some regrets!

On Thanksgiving Day, my wife and I decided to attend the 80th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Even though the weather report was bad, we thought we'd take a chance to go and we're glad we did.  We stood on a hill in Central Park at about 69th Street and watched more than half the parade go by.  Then the rain got heavier and we decided that we had enough and went home.

Macys_parade_041_1 The parade is famous for its balloon floats but this year they held the balloons closer to the ground due to the wind and rain.  They were still impressive, as the picture to the left I hope indicates. (That's Big Bird in case you were wondering. Sorry about the trees; I told you we were in Central Park.)  I would like to go again when the weather isn't quite so wet. 

Now it's on to Africa, where I will visit Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa before I return home on December 19.  I hope to see you if one of those countries is your home. 

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