Macy's Parade
A Big Group

In Zimbabwe

I am alive and well in Zimbabwe.  I haven't written for a few days since all my time has been invested in preparing for The Pacific Institute seminar to be held for the next four days.  We have 42 people registered and this is my first time facilitating the program.  There are 34 units, so there is a lot to do to keep everything moving properly and to enhance the learning process.

I am excited about these days, feeling like I have a great gift that I am anxious to give away to others.  I truly believe that the principles in this seminar have the power to change not only those present but the entire nation as well.  So it's 6 am and I'm off to make sure everything is ready for our 8 am start. 

I'll write as I am able, but now I'm off to help shape and change a nation!  It's not many who get a chance to do something like that. 


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