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While in New York yesterday afternoon, my family and I decided to go see the new James Bond film Casino Royale.  The first shock was traffic at 4 p.m. in New York City on our way to the theater.  It was gridlock.  We made it to the theater in time, however, to find out that a ticket cost $12 and a tub of popcorn was $7! 

This movie introduced Daniel Craig, the new James Bond.  The director, Martin Campbell, borrowed the concept of Batman Begins and Superman Returns as he tried to bring forward elements of the former Bond movies while remaking and reestablishing the Bonds' character with Daniel Craig as the new Bond.  I would say he was successful.  I asked my wife what she thought and, while she generally liked it, she thought it was too violent.  (There is lots of blood.)  My daugther thought it was good, but I was the one who guessed the plot twist that they introduced as the movie progressed.

I won't give away any of the plot or special effects except to say that I think our new Bond is here to stay for as many movies as he cares to make.  There hasn't been a James Bond like him since Sean Connery.  So if lots of high tech action and some secret agent beatings and killings don't bother you, I would recommend you see Casino Royale and let my readers know what you thought on the site where this entry is posted.   

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We kinda had the same night! Went to see Casino Royale Thurs night with my wife, only difference with us being we made it way ahead of schedule and had a snack by a restaurant first. Tickets were £7.5 (hence slightly more expensive (using 1.9 exch rate) and medium tub of popcorn is £4; hence not shocked by your findings Dr John!

I enjoyed the movie, though from the onset knew the plot when the 'baddie'shorted those Skyfleet shares! Craig did move into his Bond role quite well.. won't spoil it for others,I recommend this as one to watch! My wife enjoyed it too, though at times gripping my body when the occasional cold chills shivered down her spine!

Travel well to zim Dr John.. trying to establish if you remember me!

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