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The World Series

It's almost time for snow skiing, yet the baseball World Series is just getting under way.  I had a chance to watch a lot of the championship series and I like Detroit in the Series, in six games, maybe less.  Why?  They have power pitching, the home field advantage and fellow Pittsburgher Jim Leyland as manager. 

What happened to my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates this year?  The same thing that has happened to them since 1992.  They had a losing season.  I still contend that professional baseball is broken and needs fixed.  I think the major markets dominate because they have more money to spend.  I know I will hear from people who will tell me to look at Florida, Oakland and Minnesota.  They play in small markets and do well. I say they are exceptions and not the rule. 

Baseball needs a salary cap like the other professional sports have, but no one has the courage to make that happen.  I have gone on record in this blog as saying that Bud Selig, current baseball commissioner, is, no, rather he does and says idiotic things.  I don't understand how baseball can be run by a man who was an owner, is hired and fired by the owners and then is asked to keep the owners accountable.  It's ridiculous.

I will be in Europe next week, so I will miss the World Series on television.  I don't expect it to last that long, so I don't think I will miss much.  Wait until next year, however, and see if the Pirates don't have another losing season.  I don't see any hope for them in the near or distant future. I certainly don't see any help or solutions coming from the so-called leaders of major league baseball.

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