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Mother Stanko

Yesterday we gathered to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday.  Mother came from a family of 11, but now there are only two surviving sisters, who were both there yesterday, along with 20 others to pay tribute to mom.  We chose a restaurant that is closest to where my mother was born, raised and married, even though it is 40 miles from where she lives now.  My sister planned much of it while I was out of the country on this last trip.  All in all, it was a great party and will probably be the last time I see some of those who were there and who are up in years.

My father passed away ten years ago, and mother has lived on her own all that time, cooking, cleaning and doing what she can do.  I have learned a lot from my mother, such as the value of church, details and organization.  It was an honor to celebrate her long life while she is still here! 

I hope my mother was blessed by the event; I think she was.  At any rate, I am posting my first picture on this blog so all of you can see the lady who gave me life. 



Jacqueline L. Roland

Wow what a blessing to come from such a blessed family. You can feel the love and honor in your letter this morning.

Michele Davenport

You are right you look a lot like your mother. What a beautiful example of a life lived blessed. I loved your blog thank you so much for sharing something so personal with your readers. I pray that your mother continues to walk in the peace of the Lord and may God's grace embelish you. Be Blessed and then Be a Blessing. Michele Davenport

Ennie Chidziva-Chikuse

Indeed you do you look alike, such an intelligent looking woman is Mother Stanko, she obviously did a good Job of raising you, a man of great stature.

Barbara Israel

Hi John,

I somehow missed this blog entry and just read it today. I think that your mom looks wonderful. Thanks for posting the picture.

Paul C. Adim

It is not just that you came from such a wonderful family but that you are maintaining the beautiful heritage is what fascinates me the more.
may this trait continue to run in your family as the world is in need of such individuals.

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