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It's so good to be home this week, not just to be home, but to get back on schedule.  I don't do very well if I don't get an early start in the morning.  If I have an early meeting, which often happens when I'm on the road, then my early morning productivity suffers.  Then it's tough for me to get back in the swing of things as the day goes on.

Part of that is my problem and the way I have conditioned myself to think.  So this week I have been getting up early, but also being more diligent to have a plan if I have an early start.  For instance, yesterday I had to take Mother Stanko shopping and she likes to go early.  But I was diligent to resume my task list when I got home and to do some computer work while I watched the women's basketball championship last night.  I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but for me it is. 

It is so important that you know how you work best and what situations allow you to be most productive.  It's also important to know so you can adapt when the ideal situation isn't available, which is probably most of the time.  I'm also working on not minimizing the small chunks of time--15 to 45 minutes--that I often dismiss as irrelevant.  So far this week, I have used those chunks to good advantage (This is exactly what I'm doing as I write this entry.  I had 15 minutes between meetings and usually would think that's not enough time to write this.  But I sat down, starting writing and voila--the entry is almost finished.)

I am home this month until I return to Africa on May 1, so it's critical that I maximize my time.  So far, I've done well this week and want to keep my momentum.  What do you need to do to get into your own rhythm so you can produce?  When do you work best?  When do you need to adapt and not give in or give up?  The answers to all these questions are important if you are going to be as productive as you want and need to be in the world where you live.  Sorry, I gotta go.  I have a lunch appointment.

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