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"Poor Karen!"

Last night I was listening to the radio when a song by Karen Carpenter came on the air.  Every time I hear her sing, my wife knows that I will always say, "Poor Karen!"  Here's why.

Karen and her brother, Richard, were at the top of the music world in 70's and early 80's  They wrote and recorded hit song after hit song and today have total sales of 100 million units.  They were known the world over and had everything--fame, fortune and a following.

But what we didn't know was that Karen had an eating disorder.  This eating disorder cost Karen her life--she died in 1983.  Yet her music and her voice live on, played by every easy listening and soft rock station in the world. 

Karen had it all, but really she had nothing at all.  She died without husband or children.  She died a tortured woman, unable to deal with her fame and wealth.  When I think of her, I can't help think of Jesus' words:  "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?" (Luke 9:25).  I don't know where Karen is spending eternity.  All I know is that the eulogy on my lips every time I hear her sing is "Poor Karen!"

I am a creative person and I want my creativity to be known as far and wide as possible.  Yet I want it all to be anchored in the Lord.  No, make that I desperately need it to be anchored in Him.  In trying to find myself, I don't want to lose myself. 

What is your motivation for creativity and success?  And are you ready to handle the success that will come from following God's will for your life?  I don't want anyone hearing or reading me one day and saying, "Poor John!"  I want them to say, "There was a man who knew his purpose and did what God wanted him to do."  I hope you want the same thing for your life.

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