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Seven Steps Continued

Seven Steps

Today I have the privilege of teaching a seminar entitled The Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest.  I first developed and taught this seminar in 2003 in Dallas, Texas and it was a life-changing experience for me if no one else.

You see, up to that point I had taught more than 500 workshops and seminars in my adult career, but always for someone else.  I had never done one under my own banner, for my own company.  When I decided to do this (and my friend Shawn helped me strategize the entire event), I was scared to death!  What if no one comes?  What if the weather is bad?  What if I take a financial loss?  What if I don't have enough new material?  What if this?  What if that?

It turned out that the seminar grossed more revenue than anything else I had ever done (it did snow the next day!).  I learned more from that seminar than almost all the previous ones combined.  Yet I almost let fear stop me before I ever started. 

Since then, I have conducted that seminar around the world.  There haven't always been huge crowds, but the impact has been huge.  Lives have been changed, and I was stretched to the point of growth. 

What can you do that you have never considered doing before?  What is fear keeping you from doing?  Where do you need to stretch and grow professionally or personally?   Doing the Seven Steps Seminar changed my life and it needed changing at the time.  Now I am asking myself where my next growth step needs to be.  What am I not seeing that can help me to take the next step?  As I ask myself that question, I invite you to consider the same question for yourself.

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