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It's been a while since I reviewed any of the books that I've read.  So far this year, I have finished 11, which puts me a bit behind my goal of six books read every month.  At any rate, I won't bore you with a review of them all, just ones that I think could help you as a leader and person of purpose.

1.  Resonant Leadership by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee.  This book comes from the co-authors of Primal Leadership and continues to build on the importance of leaders developing and utilizing Emotional Intelligence (EI).  When leaders refuse or cannot work with EI, they create dissonance as opposed to resonance with their followers.  The authors focus on three elements that are necessary for resonance:  mindfulness (living in a state of full, conscious awareness of one's whole self, other people and the context in which we live and work), hope (which enables us to believe that the future we envision is attainable, and to move toward our visions and goals), and compassion (understanding people's wants and needs and feeling motivated to act on our feelings). 

I would highly recommend that you make this book part of your leadership library.  I found it useful and inspirational.

2. Pyro Marketing by Greg Stielstra.  In this book, the author describes how to create a successful marketing campaign, likening it to starting a campfire.  He actually quotes the old song, It Only Takes a Spark to Get a Fire Going, and uses the lyrics to lead us through his strategy for "pyro marketing."  Steilstra examines the marketing plans for both the movie The Passion of the Christ and the book The Purpose-Driven Life to illustrate successful pyro marketing programs.  This book is an easy read and would be helpful if you are involved in promoting anything at all.  I would also recommend this book for your consideration. 

There you have the latest.  I'll have more reviews for you real soon.  By the way, what are you reading?  Feel free to write and include your own review.

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Angela Hough

One of my favorite books is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Just finished that one for the second time. It's an excellent business book, covering leadership and purpose of your business. I like to pair this book with what the Lord's plans are for our businesses, outlined in the Bible.
"Good is the enemy of Great" if more business owners realized this, we would experience true, lasting success.

John Stanko

You would also enjoy Collin's newest "booklet" entitled "Good to Great and the Social Sectors." Specifically written for the non-profit world. Good stuff.

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