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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Yesterday, my family and I went to see Disney's version of C.S. Lewis' classic tale, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. This was the first volume of Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, which I had read many years ago. I thought the movie was a delight to watch for the most part. As I sat and watched the movie, however, I had this urge to return home and start writing. I felt we were in the theater not celebrating Disney's movie magic, but rather celebrating the legacy of a gifted Christian man who impacted not just the church in his day, but all of British society and much of the world.

I wanted to go home and write because I have this nagging desire to produce something (or things) that will touch many people. I want to create something that will bring a smile to people's faces, that will last longer than I do. I know that this is something that I just can't do--it is a gift of God and a product of His grace.

I sat watching the movie, saying to myself, "Way to go, C. S. Lewis!" I was proud on his behalf and wondered if he would have been pleased with the rendition of his work. I sat and thought what a marvellously crafted story the movie represented. I was also delighted that another Christian work--after The Lord of the Rings and The Passion of The Christ--was making an impact on the world stage.

So here I am on Christmas morning, writing an entry for my blog. Is that weird? I hope not. I just didn't want to put off writing for a day, because if I'm going to produce what the world wants and God can use, I must become a better writer. Most importantly, I must simply keep writing, for I don't know what I will produce that God could use one day to touch a lot of people. That is where the faith comes in. So I will write and hope God will bless it, and maybe one day my work will be seen or read by many, some of whom will say, "Way to go, John Stanko." Who knows, it could happen tomorrow, or it could happen after I'm gone, or not at all. I can live with the results as long as I feel like I made my best efforts to produce the best work possible.

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