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The Lion King

LionkingLast night, I went to see the show The Lion King here in London. It was the fourth time I saw the show, having seen it twice in New York and once in Toronto. The opening scene and the first scene after intermission are worth the admission price alone. And the music is grand, featuring such songs as Circle of Life and Can You Feel The Love Tonight. The theme is timeless, with a villain and a troubled hero who comes to his senses and wins his kingdom and the girl, rather lioness. Reports are that 30 million people around the world have seen the show. I hope you are one of them.

The Lion King isn't simply a show. It's an experience. Having been to Africa many times, I always feel like I am back there when I hear the music and watch the scenes unfold.

Tomorrow I am off to Pittsburgh, leaving London via London City Airport. I have never flown out of that airport and didn't even know it existed until earlier this year. I fly to Amsterdam, then to Detroit and on to Pittsburgh. Then this Thursday my wife and I head down to Florida for our Christmas holiday with her family.

I expect big crowds in the airports as travelers make their way home for the holidays. My wife and I will drive down to Florida, just to spend the time together and to be able to take presents and food to our family gathering. I hope you have a special week as you prepare for the holidays ahead.

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