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Off To England

Tonight I get on a plane for London. It is the first time I will fly Virgin Atlantic, which I hear is a good airline. I will let you know what I think after I fly my maiden voyage. Because of my father-in-law's funeral, I will now arrive in London on Saturday at 7:00 am and will be wisked off to speak at a leadership conference at 10:00 am. I have sessions Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening, and then will speak in church services on Sunday morning and evening. On Monday morning I fly to Nairobi, Kenya (a 10-hour flight) and begin work in Kenya on Tuesday morning. On Friday night, I will head back to London, where I will minister and speak over the weekend, returning home on Tuesday, November 8.

I am not writing to complain or evoke sympathy. I am writing to say what a privilege it is to do what I love. I will speak on leadership and purpose everywhere I go and will do some radio interviews. I know of one college campus at which I will speak and I have a number of purpose profile appointments already set up.

I have some extra books packed for reading on the plane and I still have to finish my PowerPoint presentations for London. But with God's help, I will be ready to go on Saturday morning and I won't stop until 10 days later when I am on the plane heading home.

While I'm enjoying myself over the next 10 days, what will you be doing? I hope it is something that you love and that you won't allow me to have all the fun. But that's the power and joy of purpose, and I hope you will tap into that power as often as possible while I'm in England and Africa. I'll keep you posted.

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way to go PurposeMaster ! Keep admonishing ! I pray that u and your wife are well in the loss of her father. Keep up that RockStarPurposeQuestLeading-schedule, it's InSpiring !

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