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I am in Maryland for my father-in-law's funeral and it's been a long day. Things have gone pretty well, and everyone has been sharing their favorite stories about dad. As I sat in the funeral home this afternoon and watched flowers being delivered, I couldn't help but remember what someone told me years ago: "Dead noses don't smell roses."

Of course, they meant that the time to do something nice for someone is before they die and not after. And I noticed many of my family members saying kind things to one another and I thought that was the way it should be. My son, who is here from San Francisco, and I had a good talk today and we told one another how much we loved and appreciated each other. I also talked about some of the things I would like at my own funeral.

So what are you waiting for? Go tell someone that you love and appreciate them. Buy someone you love flowers or something else that will bless them otday while they can still enjoy them. Write a letter to someone while they can still read it; if they can't read, call them and tell them what you mean to them.

Don't wait until it's too late. Right after you read this, go kiss someone you love.

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It warms my heart to see a father and son ENJOYING each other, this side of eternity. This is something that my Father and I did very well and often, so when he died 5 years ago to LungCancer...quickly and suddenly, we had NO regrets between the two of us. I have NEVER seen a larger turn out at anyone's funeral. People were litterally out the door, standing in line to Pay their Respects. I miss him and i wish i could see him seeing me. His LIFE and Valiant Death, propelled me to seek Purpose in My Life, and the Lord led me to Dr.Stanko. Kudos to you my Friend/Mentor. KISS someONE u LOVE !

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