School is Out in Kenya
A Week of Good Deeds

A Library TV

This past week, we had a few opportunities to bless our friends in Kenya. We sent school fees for several of our orphans at Each One Touch One, school fees for Mary at Upako, and then sent funds to TV2purchase a television for our Banana library. Pastor Peter wrote to acknowledge that the TV had been purchased and installed in the music school building behind the library:

Dear Dr. John,

The WAPIS team says thanks for the donation of $600 that has enabled us to buy a smart TV and wall mount stands. The system will be used for our e-learning classes and movie time entertainment for recreation. The TV has been mounted in our music room space for convenience purpose. Once more God bless all our partners.

Pastor Peter

TV1In addition, we have finalized the paperwork and are awaiting the next step for the container shipment. We have $10,000 of the $14,000 estimated shipping cost, so we are still trusting the Lord for the balance needed. I was tempted not to help with any of the needs in Kenya this time around so I could save money toward the container, but I thought that would not be a faith statement. God is able to provide for all the needs in Kenya, and I don't need to be fearful of His ability to provide. Therefore, we invested the $2,000 this past week to meet school and learning needs.

Obviously, I need your help if we are to finish this year strong and continue to bless our partners in Kenya. Can you help with a contribution toward the container, which will strengthen our existing libraries and start new ones? Can you give toward the feeding and schooling of our orphans? This past week, I received a $10 gift via PayPal, and I know that it may be the "biggest" contribution I have received this year, for it represented a sacrificial gift on the part of the giver. Won't you also give a special offering to help the poor? You can give using PayPal via my website or you can send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.

Thank you and thank You, Lord, for helping me help others as God continues to open doors and hearts for ministry in Kenya.


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