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Upako School Van

After their venue was ransacked and destroyed last year, the school and then the orphans at Upako UpakoVan1Centre had to relocate to a new site. As God always does, He has worked this out for the good and today they are thriving in their new venue. Leadership did not want to leave any of the children behind in the transition, so they have been transporting students to the new school, having to rent a van to get the job done. This week, Pastor Francis wrote me the following update concerning their school van:

Dr. J,
God's grace is amazing. We have been using an old van to transport some children from Kawangware to Dr. Stanko Academy for a fee daily on school days. The owner took it for repair and painting but instead of painting the ordinary colour, he painted the van with our new school colour and branded it DR. STANKO ACADEMY. He asked us to continue paying him the daily fees of 23 dollars as usual until we buy our own. The Van looks good UpakoVan2and we are happy with the branding. God can command a stranger to help along the way. Step by step, things are falling on the right track and I thank God for everything. God bless you for continued prayers.
Blessings - Pastor Francis
I was blessed that they were blessed with this development and by the looks of everyone in the pictures, they truly are happy and blessed! There are many things I appreciate about our partners in Kenya, and one of them is their faith in God. They trust Him daily, not putting their faith in us but in Him, where it should be. For that reason, God watches over them and grants them unexpected blessings as Pastor Francis described.
Won't you stand with our friends who are standing in faith, trusting God to use you to meet their needs? You can help with their van expense, their teacher salaries, the bunk bed needs for the orphans who actually stay and live in the classrooms, or the school feeding program by contributing to my ministry. You can use PayPal via my website or send a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you for your help, and may God bless you and our friends in Kenya as together we serve God's Kingdom through our faithful service.

Textbooks for Upako

I heard from Pastor Francis this past week and it was exciting news from the Dr. Stanko Academy. Here is UpakoTchrs1what he wrote:

Dr. J,
The teachers received their pay and they were very happy. I am also happy that the work with the orphans here is taking shape and there is a lot of improvement in the lives of the children and the workers. I am very grateful to you for choosing to work with Upako to save the lives of the orphans here and I am praying that you and your team share in the children's blessings. Had it not been for you, some of them may have not been made it alive today. We managed to buy some school textbooks to boost the teachers efforts with what we had yesterday. We are happy for your involvement with the ministry and may you experience Gods goodness.Tell all those who are praying for us that we value them so much. - Pst Francis
UpakoLittlesThe children getting textbooks is great news! I have been in the classroom when the teachers, often in stifling hot conditions in their metal shack classroom, have to teach 25 to 35 students with only one textbook that the teacher is holding. That means the teachers must teach nonstop for hours every day, covering every subject through sheer determination and devotion. Now that the students have some books, the teachers job will become a bit easier and the students will learn more.
We take for granted that a school means that the UpakoKidsWithBooksstudents will have books and supplies, but that is not the case in Kenya. We also take for granted that the teachers are getting paid, but in Kenya, that is also not always the case. Your contributions toward my work in Kenya are making a big difference as our partners do the little things that make a difference - little things like textbooks, teacher pay, and daily meals. You can contribute toward this work using PayPal through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank  you for your help, and may the Lord bless our partners in Kenya as they continue to make an impact one life at a time!