Your Handwriting
A Stirred Heart


"Gideon went inside, prepared a young goat, and from an ephah of flour he made bread without yeast. Putting the meat in a basket and its broth in a pot, he brought them out and offered them to him under the oak" -- Judges 6:19.

When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, Gideon felt the need to provide hospitality for his visitor. What did he do? He went to his home (keep in mind that the Midianites were confiscating their foodstuffs) and he threw together a nice meal to present to his visitor. Gideon was creative in the kitchen and it served him well in a time of divine visitation. Do you have a flair for hospitality? Can you put together a party? Do you enjoy planning a menu and executing it to completion? Do you also pay attention to the decorations and ambience when you entertain? All those are creative expressions that not everyone can do. As you accept your creativity in that area, who knows where it may lead. You may write a cookbook, start cooking classes, or begin to host regular social events to bring people together around food.

Lord, I have taken so many of the creative things I do for granted, and cooking and hospitality are two of them! I enjoy seeing people coming together around food, and now I know that desire and gift are from You. Help me to make the most of those gifts as a means to bring people together to fellowship and enjoy one another's company.


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