W2D3 - People Skills
W2D5 - Goals

W2D4 - Purpose

"Moses thought that his own people
would realize that God was using him
to rescue them, but they did not" - Acts 7:25.

Moses knew his purpose and that was the foundation and basis for his leadership. He realized what God had called him to do and he began to do it, albeit in the wrong manner - his first strategy was to kill an Egyptian. Perhaps he thought he could wipe out the whole Egyptian army singlehandedly! When you know your God-given purpose, you will still need God-given strength and strategies to fulfill it. Yet purpose is the starting point for meaningful and godly leadership and Moses had it and went on to change history as God's purpose partner.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Take some time today to reflect on your purpose. Are you clear as to what it is? Purpose requires different thinking than career, so you will need to approach it with a different mindset. Identify a book, website, article or a seminar today that can help you clarity purpose, and then order or register for it. You may want to obtain a purpose journal so you can record your purpose thoughts as you seek to clarify what it is.


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