Another Teacher's Strike
Pearl 203: Long-Term

Pearl 202: Creativity

TOPIC: Goals and Creativity

"These are more proverbs of Solomon,
compiled by the men of Hezekiah king of Judah . . . ." - Proverbs 25:1.

There were men who found Solomon's proverbs and took upon themselves to compile, edit and publish them in some format. Their creativity was not in producing the proverbs but in preserving them, and it took work to put them all together. Today we thank God for their diligence. What project is on your heart, but you are dismissing it because it is not 'creative' enough?  Do you think those transcribers set a goal for what they were doing and how they would do it? What goals can you set that will bless others while possibly saving the work of some other creator who doesn't have your organizational or editing skills?

Lord, my definition of creativity can be so limiting at times. These men had a creative idea based on someone else's creative work and You honored and used it. This sets me free so I can be creative according to who You made me to be. Help me be true to who You have made me to be.


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