Pearl 201: Deadlines
Another Teacher's Strike

Good News on All Fronts

I have great news - all the tickets for the July 29th fundraiser have been sold.  What a blessing that infusion of cash is for our upcoming shipment and the needs on the ground there.  In the meantime, I heard from both Pastor Francis and Pastor Peter this past week. Here is what Pastor Francis had to say:

Mary Exercise 2Dr. John,

Mary is a very happy girl and feels good to be in a good school,i went to visit Mary Exercisehand she told me how things are good for her and her academic performance is good. I caught up with her when they were playing games in the field and spent 15 minutes watching was really good and encouraging. This was the best thing that you did in Mary's life and you were not wrong in doing this for her. She has all the peace that one may desire. Continue praying for her. Thank you so much for saving our little Mary.

Pastor Francis

You can give to Mary, and other young children like her, so that they can have a chance to break out of the slum school system toward a better way of life. You can give through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.  Thank you and I know that Mary, Pastor Francis and all who are impacted thank you, too!


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