Pearl 132: Tents
Pearl 134: Sarah

Pearl 133: Blueprint

TOPIC: Faith and Planning

"For he [Abraham] was looking forward to the city with foundations,
whose architect and builder is God" - Hebrews 11:10.

In faith, Abraham was looking forward to a city, the blueprints of which God had given him. You should be looking forward as well, using God's blueprints for you. It's not as if you must do it all, for God is the designer and builder of your future. Your job is to see it in faith, and then pursue it in faith. What do you see for your future? Are you pursuing that future today, doing what you know to do to prepare? What is keeping you from taking steps today to prepare for tomorrow?

Lord, I need to see what You have designed so I can cooperate with Your blueprint. First, show me the blueprint. Then give me the skill and perseverance to follow that plan so that I can help build what You are overseeing as the chief contractor. I want to learn how to build in faith.


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