Pearl 131: Faith Heroes
Pearl 133: Blueprint

Pearl 132: Tents

TOPIC: Faith and Daily Living

"He [Abraham] lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob,
who were heirs with him of the same promise" - Hebrews 11:9b.

Abraham and his family had faith in God and His promises and they organized their lives according to those promises. That included living in tents rather than in a permanent housing. That is the kind of impact your faith in God should have in your life. What impact does faith have in your everyday life? Can you explain decisions you have made because of your faith? How have you organized your life according to your faith in God's promises for your life?

Lord, I want my faith to be a daily faith and not just on Sunday. That means I purchase a computer if I am going to be a writer. I set up a studio if I am to be an artist. I learn Swahili if I believe I will be going to East Africa. Help me to see the future clearly and then help me structure my world today accordingly.


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